Morley Munson — Chapter 17

Chapter 17 — Morley Munson, Murderer
Morley Munson could sense the storm gathering in the eyes of Constance Freeman before she even said a word. He knew that they were about to fight and he tried to steady himself for the onslaught. Morley Munson hated the idea of this, bickering with the woman he loved (and deeply desired), but as long as Constance Freeman’s husband  was alive there seemed to be no end in sight to these furious eruptions on her part.

Morley Munson knew very well that every day Constance Freeman waited at home
for him to make an attempt on the life ofher husband, but each night her husband walked in through the door of their home looking for supper. She grew more and more apoplectic as the weeks passed.

Morley Munson felt the blow to his nose even before he saw the spurt of blood hit the front of his shirt. Constance Freeman was a strong woman (and had grown up with a mean father) and she knew how to take care of herself and anybody who got in her way. She had coiled her fist together like a bundle of wires and threw a punch — not slapping him like most women wouldprobably do — landing a hard shot against his left nostril. Whack.

Morley Munson walked into work with dark bruising around both eyes. He tried to be casual about it and mumbled that he had ‘run into a door at home.’ This seemed odd to his new secretary, however, who made a mental note of the details from her desk in the corner of the room. She planned to tell the local detective about this at their next meeting but was unable to—as she crossed the street to have her lunch she was hit by the uptown (express) bus. Wham.

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