Morley Munson — Chapter 18

Morley Munson visited his former secretary (she would never be able to type again) in the hospital a week after the accident. He didn’t really want to but knew that it was the proper (and expected) thing to do. He also knew that it was a very decent gesture and right now, with so many plans for indecency floating around in his head, he couldn’t afford to make missteps. He smiled down at her ruined face (swathed in bandages) and nodded without saying a word — with her mouth contorted in pain, she reminded
him a little of his (now-dead) wife. Morley Munson left a bundle of flowers in a vaseperched on a small table and exited quietly.

Morley Munson passed a local detective in the lobby. They each paused (for a beat) but kept going in their respective directions. Both of them were visiting the deeply scarred and heavily medicated former secretary and yet once more they only saw each other in passing. The game continued.

Morley Munson sat in his Mercedes trying to decide what to do next. He was supposed to meet Constance Freeman at the cabin in the woods but somehow his heart wasn’t in it now. Maybe it was seeing his former secretary lying twisted in that hospital bed. Maybe it was the fact that he could see the remnants of a black eye when he glanced at himself in the (rear-view) mirror. Maybe he was just confused.

Morley Munson had a sobering thought: if Constance Freeman was the one who died then perhaps the nightmares and his bouts of anxiety would finally come to an end.
He tried to remind himself that he loved Constance Freeman (and her long shapely legs) but something about this idea began
to gnaw at him. Something deep inside.

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