Morley Munson — Chapter 16

Chapter sixteen — the others.
Morley Munson was indeed being watched by a local detective, but not in any official capacity (and usually on his off hours). It wasn’t that
he felt that Morley Munson was guilty of anything in particular, it was just that so much death seemed to be hanging over the man that his case made the detective more interested than anything (rather than inquisitive).

Morley Munson had recently hired a girl who the local detective was seeing casually and this too made him curious. He had asked her in a friendly way to keep her eyesopen for anything out of the ordinary concerning her employer and she laughingly agreed to help out if she could. She was a naturally daring girl (but also the anxious type) and so this ‘spying’ on Mr. Morley Munson had become a kind of thrilling game of cat-and-mouse for her.

Morley Munson had rushed out of a restaurant they had been dining at —
a proper eatery (with lovely desserts) —
and that is what first caught the young secretary’s eye and so she duly pointed it out to the local detective she was dating. He seemed to make a mental note of this and smiled over at her, offering up a bite of his pork without any further discussion.

Morley Munson seemed like a quiet and exceedingly normal middle-aged gentleman to the local detective and this was where
he was prepared to leave it, so long as his female companion didn’t notice anything of interest at her place of work and if no more bodies appeared (with even distant ties to Mr. Morley Munson). A dead father and
a dead mother and a dead wife were one thing—anything more than that and a
man might start to get suspicious.

Morley Munson was innocent. For now.

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