The short story Incontrarsi by Giuseppe Pontiggia is translated by award-winning contemporary novelist, essayist and critic Zadie Smith

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Countess

Amanda Feilding has spent half a century tirelessly campaigning for the doors of perception to be open to all, and the tide is turning with recent psychedelics research

War Against Immigrants

The border between the human and animal worlds is a thin and often meaningless one: for wildlife, migration is as instinctive a reaction to change or danger as it is for us

Writing Is Easy

Contrary to belief, writing is a straightforward task, made even simpler with these handy hints by comedian Steve Martin

Josef Albers: Life And Work

In an excerpt from his new book on the Bauhaus titan, Charles Darwent reflects on Alber’s iconic Homage to the Square

The New Dark Age

Nikita Dmitriev considers the concerns for the technological revolution set out in a new book by artist and writer James Bridle

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

In an extract from the latest issue of Port, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie speaks to Catherine Lacey about pop, politics and the 45th President

Rough Stuff Cycling in the Alps

Writer and publisher Max Leonard reflects on his latest project, rediscovering a lost guide to the trails, tracks and romance of travelling the Alps by bike

The Future of the Banking Industry

The relationship between capital and contentment can be a difficult one: What do banks know about the psychology of money?


Antiquarian book dealer and avid bibliophile Simon Finch meditates on the passions and delusions particular to his trade, and reflects on a rare text that eluded him nearly thirty years ago

Why Take Photographs?

Giles Duley, who has photographed civilian casualties in Mosul, asks how photography can be justified when documenting the horrific injuries of war

Watching Them Sleep

Author Rick Moody on the subject of young love, whose tenderest moments, though fleeting, give birth to some of our most profound and long-lasting emotions

Excessive, Explosive Enjoyment

Drugs are synonymous with countercultural movements but how have they influenced creativity, and do they still have a place in our artistic landscape today?

Translating: The White Book

Man Booker International Prize-winner Deborah Smith demonstrates the trials and triumphs of translating with an extract from The White Book, the new novel from Korean writer (and co-recipient of the prize) Han Kang

A Life of Crime: Mike Hodges

Port meets screenwriter and novelist Mike Hodges, the writer and director of Get Carter, to discuss his three new crime noir novellas

Skinhead Days

Glenn Charles reflects on his youth as an East End skinhead, becoming a keen boxer over the last 26 years and turning his lively experiences into a rock opera

The Power of Science Fiction

A new genre-defining exhibition at the Barbican proves the enduring appeal of science fiction and its sub-genres lies in its ability to throw up questions about the past, present and future of the world we live in

Remembering Albert Camus

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of ‘The Outsider’, we pay tribute to the radical writer and his influential thoughts on the meaning of life – or rather, the positive lack of it