Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs

In an excerpt from the new book on Japan’s leading photographer, Takeshi Nakamoto asks – who is the real Daido Moriyama?

Lonely Mountain: Dwyer Kilcollin

Why the American artist’s work is an unintentional, but substantial departure from the mainstream

She Persists

Port travels to the 58th Venice Biennale for the powerful, all-female exhibition from HEIST Gallery

The Ice Field, The Forest and The Stars

We travel to Brussels to experience the joint exhibition between Sophie Whettnall and Etel Adnan that explores the sublime wonder of the natural world

Mist from the Hill

Jem Southam reflects on his groundbreaking visual meditation on the industrialisation of the English landscape, The Red River

Peckham 24

As Peckham 24 opens its doors for its 4th edition, Emma Bowkett, director of photography at FT Weekend Magazine, discusses her new exhibition, the definition of community and the subtleties of language and narrative within photography

William Eggleston: 2 1/4

Oliver Eglin examines a new series of photographs taken by William Eggleston in small town 1970s America

Elf Dalia

Port’s photography director, Max Ferguson, discusses Maja Daniels new book – an otherworldly examination of lost language, photographic fragility and the occult

Anja Niemi: In Character

In an extract from In Character, a retrospective of Anja Niemi’s body of work spanning 2011 – 2018, Max Houghton discusses the photographer’s hyper-feminine haunted subjects

Mike Nelson: Ghost In The Machine

The twice Turner-prize nominated artist transforms Tate Britain with monuments to Britain’s industrial past  

Tao Hui: A National Artist

The assistant curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris explains why rising star Tao Hui deserves the title of China’s national artist

Muscle Memory

A collaboration between childhood friends – musician Four Tet and artist Anna Liber Lewis – explores clubbing nostalgia and bodies in flux

The Existential Art of Theresa Reimann-Dubbers

Nikita Dmitriev, assistant curator of the Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris, reflects on the multi-disciplinary artist who remains one of the brightest representatives of where science meets art working today

Diane Arbus: In The Beginning

Jacob Charles Wilson examines the formative first half of the photographers career, filled with strangers on the fringes of society 


Port’s photography director, Max Ferguson, co-curates a charity exhibition featuring Marguerite Bornhauser’s 8 and Suzie Howell’s Sardinian Sculptures

Tomás Saraceno: More-Than-Human

Port travels to Berlin to preview the latest in Saraceno’s hybrid web series, a complex, social, interconnected dance between humans and spiders

Don McCullin At Tate Britain

Jacob Charles Wilson reflects on the photojournalist’s landmark show, a harrowing snapshot of truth, tragedy and symbol