Go with the Flow

Yigit Tuna talks to digital artist Tyler Spangler about his Instagram-age illustrations

Jewelled Wit

Artemis Fontana’s new show highlights humorous artworks at the crossroads between jewellery, installation and sculpture

Deep Breaths

JP Pryor talks to artist Jeppe Hein about his travelling art activation Breathe With Me, overcoming an emotional breakdown and why art is therapy

This is Not America

Port travels to Bogotá for the international art fair ARTBO, selecting the best work from Latin America

Printed in North Korea

Nicholas Bonner, author of Printed in North Korea: The Art of Everyday Life in the DPRK, discusses the surprising visual culture of North Korea’s lino-cut prints    

Garçon Style

In a foreword to the new book Garçon Style by award-winning photographer Jonathan Daniel Pryce, Sir Paul Smith explains why photography and fashion have always gone hand in hand for him

RongRong’s Diary

Oliver Eglin examines a new book on the subversive Chinese photographer RongRong, a frequent collaborator in the radical artistic community Beijing East Village

The Naked Truth

Ceramic artist Eliza Hopewell discusses the importance of being naked, subverting the male gaze and the need for honesty on social media 

The Guy Behind the Colour

For over a decade Simon March has been quietly providing a radical, eco-friendly, handmade alternative to mass-produced paints

100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

In a foreword to the new book from Thames & Hudson – 100 SCULPTORS OF TOMORROW – art historian, critic and curator Richard Cork charts sculpture’s changing place in the art world

Parliament of Owls

Jack Latham’s latest book examines the secretive gathering of the San Francisco Bohemian Club and the characters on its fringes

Free Range 2019

Port spoke to the winners of Free Range 2019 on photography as a historical, political and social platform from which to cast their very particular gaze

Daido Moriyama: How I Take Photographs

In an excerpt from the new book on Japan’s leading photographer, Takeshi Nakamoto asks – who is the real Daido Moriyama?

Lonely Mountain: Dwyer Kilcollin

Why the American artist’s work is an unintentional, but substantial departure from the mainstream

She Persists

Port travels to the 58th Venice Biennale for the powerful, all-female exhibition from HEIST Gallery