Port’s photography director, Max Ferguson, co-curates a charity exhibition featuring Marguerite Bornhauser’s 8 and Suzie Howell’s Sardinian Sculptures

Tomás Saraceno: More-Than-Human

Port travels to Berlin to preview the latest in Saraceno’s hybrid web series, a complex, social, interconnected dance between humans and spiders

Don McCullin At Tate Britain

Jacob Charles Wilson reflects on the photojournalist’s landmark show, a harrowing snapshot of truth, tragedy and symbol

New Perspectives: Dorothea Lange

Port’s director of photography, Max Ferguson, analyses an iconic piece of New Deal propaganda from documentary photographer Dorothea Lange

The Colour Of Memory

Port examines one of the finest colourists of the 20th Century, Pierre Bonnard

Lost In Translation

Hanna Moon & Joyce Ng’s English as a Second Language exhibition explores cultural identity through the lens of fashion photography

Bronx Boys

Stephen Shames’ vital work documents the experience of impoverished youth in the Bronx

A Solar Umbrella

Gallery 46’s new exhibition, inspired by J.G Ballard’s ‘The Crystal World’, explores material transformation and a world in flux

Warhol’s Polaroids

The father of Pop Art’s intimate Polaroids capture New York’s high-society

Josef Albers: Life And Work

In an excerpt from his new book on the Bauhaus titan, Charles Darwent reflects on Alber’s iconic Homage to the Square

The Moor

Robert Darch’s fictionalised photographic narrative reflects an eerily recognisable dystopia

The Clock

Christian Marclay’s cinematic meditation on temporality and mortality continues to entrance audiences at Tate Modern

Photography Review, 2018

Port’s photography director, Max Ferguson, rounds up the best exhibitions, books and photographers from 2018

The Bowers Of Bliss

Radical feminist photomontage artist Linder discusses her latest work for Art on the Underground, the importance of reclaiming public space and uncovering lost stories

Dark Skies

Following LG’s Dark Skies exhibition, Port talks to scientist Antonia Forster on the romance of space and the need for a cosmic perspective

A Portrait of Our Times

Port speaks to renowned curator and author William A. Ewing about the epic undertaking, Civilization, which tells a story of the world in which we live through the work of 140 contemporary photographers

Self: Daido Moriyama

A new collaboration between Saint Laurent and the iconic Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama celebrates the art of self-expression

Julian Schnabel at the Musée d’Orsay

Following a long break, the artist showcases in Paris a selection of his paintings inspired by the Impressionist masters

FIAC 2018

Jo Lawson-Tancred travels to Paris to select her highlights from this year’s blockbuster art fair

Tbilisi Photo Festival

Lemma Shehadi visits the Georgian capital to discover a city renewing itself through art in the wake of conflict and annexation