Blood Cake

For the latest issue Port’s food editor, Fergus Henderson, cooks up a warming winter dish with his team at St. John – blood cake and fried eggs

Whisky In The Jar

Clare Finney talks to East London Liquor Company about their ambitious plans to revive the capital’s whisky scene

Questions of Taste: Anthony Heard

The founder and cheesemaker-in-chief at Kupros Dairy discusses design, dialect and the challenges of making Cypriot cheese in London

A Finnish Midsummer

Bre Graham discovers the flavours behind a traditional Finnish midsummer in Lapland

Park and Hide: Ollie Dabbous

Port meets the celebrated chef behind one of the most talked about London restaurants in recent years

The Still Star: Bombay Sapphire

Port discovers the botanicals, stills and Thomas Heatherwick-designed greenhouses at Bombay Sapphire’s Hampshire distillery


Natalie Lee-Joe extols the democratic virtues of the uniquely Japanese grilled chicken skewers, with a recipe to try at home

Oranges and Lemons

Ex-director of the Tate Modern Vicente Todolí reflects on his passion for citrus fruit

A Journey To Raasay

What happens when a new whisky distillery opens on a tiny, remote Scottish island?

Remixing the Espresso Martini

Martin Hudak, head bartender at the Savoy’s American Bar, takes Port through three new cocktails that reinterpret the Soho classic

Questions of Taste: Gary Foulkes

Gary Foulkes, head chef of Michelin-starred London fish restaurant Angler, explains why British seafood is the best in the world

The Bistro: Art and Eating

George Upton reflects on the bistro, the humble eatery that has spawned revolution, artistic movements, and a uniquely Parisian way of life

Questions of Taste: Alex Atala

The multiple Michelin-star chef and Jiu-Jitsu brown belt talks sustainability, success and the riches of São Paulo

Wine & War: Gaston Huet

Port discovers the incredible legacy of winemaker Gaston Huet, who returned from a prisoner-of-war camp in 1945 to create one of the finest vintages of the twentieth century

Kombu: Chris Denney & 108 Garage

Chris Denney, head chef and co-founder of 108 Garage, reflects on his favourite ingredient, kombu

Jeremy Lee on Food Writing

The much-loved chef proprietor of Soho restaurant Quo Vadis reveals why the written word is curiously like cooking