Morley Munson — Chapter 15

Chapter_fifteen the release
Morley Munson decided to let out some of his rage. It had been building for weeks now and it
was time. Again. He needed to do this periodically throughout his life (even as a young man) so he knew the feeling well.

Morley Munson felt that if he didn’t take a moment and commit some horrible act that he might stop thinking clearly and begin
to make mistakes; silly mistakes that the authorities would be sure to pick up on
and to punish him for.

Morley Munson knew that there was a (cuckolded) husband to kill and a (new) girl in the office who could be a problem and a (local) detective who appeared to be after him but the time had come to strike. Morley Munson needed to act upon this homicidal impulse that was surging through his veins so he drove to a neighbouring town and found a homeless (black) man wandering the streets.

Morley Munson made sure that no one was watching when he offered the man a ride in his automobile. Morley Munson was quick to ensure that the man sat quietly in the gloom of the backseat while food was ordered at a nearby drive-up restaurant. They then rode together to a local riverfront park and set out a picnic for themselves.

Morley Munson watched the apple pie spill down onto the man’s lap as he crushed his windpipe with a length of twine wrapped fast around his throat. Morley Munson held tight at the man struggled (and kicked) and gurgled out his last breath. A flood of liquid drained into the man’s trousers and still Morley Munson held on.

Morley Munson looked around while trying to catch his breath. He pushed the man into the river and watched him drift away. Then Morley Munson napped.

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