Morley Munson — Chapter 14

Morley Munson Chapter 14

Morly Munson watched Constance Freeman’s husband from across the room. He was just putting his coat on and saying his goodbyes. He tipped a hand toward the new secretary and this made Morley Munson’s eyes narrow. Was there a ‘look’ that passed between them that seemed guarded (and conspiratorial)? Morley Munson couldn’t be sure. They were too far across the room to be seen clearly.

Morley Munson sat at his desk and fumed. He looked at a word he had scrawled in vivid red ink on one corner of his blotter. FALLING.

Morley Munson looked up and watched Constance Freeman’s husband exit the main office and disappear; at the same time (or almost exactly) the new secretary headed toward the stairwell and to the ladies’ room. Without thinking Morley Munson got to his feet and followed behind her, taking time to look completely casual in his movements.

Morley Munson waited on the darkened staircase. His mind raced with thoughts both coherent and fantastical. He couldn’t afford to have a spy in his company, a harpie watching his every movement and reporting back to a local detective. He knew killing her was a risk but one that (in his

state of mind) felt completely necessary and justified.

Munson moved a bit too quickly when the new secretary wandered out of the restroom and her eye caught his movement in the shadows. She noticed that her boss was coming quickly down the stairs and she nodded at him, trying to smile. A quick dip of her head and then she shot back through the door and into the safety of the office.

Morley Munson leaned against the banister. Covered in perspiration. For a moment he contemplated jumping over the railing himself and ending it all. But he did not.

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