Sea Beyond

Prada launches the second iteration of its ocean education partnership 

Last month, June 8th, marked World Oceans Day. An annual reminder they are the lungs of our planet, a critical part of the biosphere, and that their health is our own. 2021’s theme in particular – Life and Livelihoods – is wholly relevant to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, which aims to strengthen international cooperation to develop the research and technologies that can connect ocean science with the needs of society.

Seven outcomes outline where we need to arrive by the end of 2030; a clean ocean where sources of pollution are identified and reduced or removed, a resilient ocean where marine ecosystems are understood, protected, restored and managed, a productive ocean supporting sustainable food supply, a predicted ocean where society can respond to changing conditions, a safe ocean where life and livelihoods are protected from ocean-related hazards, an accessible ocean with open and equitable access to data, information technology and innovation, and finally, an inspiring ocean where society understands and values these bodies of water in relation to human wellbeing and sustainable development.

Venice Lagoon

Running parallel to the day, Prada, the IOC-UNESCO, and project office of the Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe, have announced the launch of the second edition of Sea Beyond, a tailored education programme built around ocean preservation and sustainability. Originally debuting in 2019 with support from a percentage of proceeds from the sales of the Prada Re-Nylon collection, the newest iteration will see the partners design an original educational module for secondary school students around the world, continuing to work with the same countries which took part in the first edition, but also adding nations such as Brazil, Peru and Namibia. Prada’s 13,000 strong workforce will also have more resources available via webinars, as well as an app, while the ‘Kindergarten of the Lagoon’ (Asillo della Lagoona) initiative  in Venice will launch next year, with over 20 children taking part in the experimental site built around outdoor education principles from ‘Blue Schools’.

“This partnership has led to the successful implementation of ocean literacy projects; it has also supported the activities of museums during the pandemic,” notes Ana Luiza M. Thompson-Flores, Director of the UNESCO Regional Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe.

“Promoting public-private partnerships, such as this one, is critical for the successful implementation of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development. The Ocean Decade provides an unparalleled opportunity to promote and enhance the way we study and understand the ocean; it can revolutionise public engagement towards the protection and safeguarding of the ocean. Ultimately, these new initiatives promoted in collaboration with Prada will constitute an important step forward towards the achievement of the ocean we want.”