Mr Morley Munson – Chapter 34

Chapter_thirty four
Morley Munson waited outside the cinema for thirty minutes past the start of the picture. He knew there would be previews and commercials for cars and, besides, there was no reason to attend the film if his date didn’t arrive to see it with him. He checked his (expensive) watch again, making sure that he hadn’t gotten the time wrong himself.

Morley Munson was livid inside but behind his thick spectacles, his face was a sea of calm and grace. He smiled at a few local merchants and a neighbor (or two) who walked past him on the dark sidewalk. He glanced at the time again and shook his wrist next to his ear. Perhaps the battery in his very nice watch had finally given out.

Morley Munson could hardly believe what was happening—in his wildest dreams (or nightmares), he had never even entertained the idea that this beautiful, innocent young girl might not show up for their date. She didn’t seem like the type to toy with the emotions of others and if she wasn’t coming to meet him then there must be a very good explanation.

Morley Munson wished he had asked for her cell phone number or knew of a way to contact her but all of their interactions had taken place at the local diner. They had been very clear about which night and what film they were going to attend together. He was on time (and she was not). There was no other explanation. For whatever reason, the young woman had stood him up.

Morley Munson finally bought a (discount) ticket and went inside to watch the end of the film. Onscreen, a young woman was being cut in half with a chainsaw. Morley Munson stayed to watch this happen again at the later screening.

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