Morley Munson – Chapter 35

Morley Munson Chapter 35 title banner.Morley Munson sat in the diner eating a sandwich and wondering where the pretty young waitress was today. She was never absent from work and she was always at the diner during the weekdays. Always. He barely touched his (complimentary) soup or sipped his coffee while he contemplated these facts.

Morley Munson was no longer angry with the girl but was now worried for her well-being. His heart throbbed when he thought of her and he wanted to ask the manager of the diner if she was alright
(and/or if he could have her contact details so that he might check on her himself).

Morley Munson noticed the local detective eating at the other end of the counter and so he decided to leave the diner. He wandered around town for the rest of his lunch break, trying to figure out what to do next. The logical thing was to wait another day or two and see if she showed up at work—he could worry about why their date was broken only after he knew that the young woman was happy (and healthy).

Morley Munson felt his blood pressure rising. His nerves were already on edge and all these new worries were only adding to his general feelings of unease. It was at this moment that he spotted someone from his past and his eyes narrowed. It was the boy who had photographed he and Constance Freeman together so long ago. The young man was standing at a mail box and was
on his tip toes as he dropped a (manila) envelope into the long slot that ran the length of the thing.

Morley Munson watched the boy finish his task and head off down a long path (into the woods). Morley Munson checked his watch and then decided to follow him.

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