Morley Munson — Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Morley Munson had begun to actively imagine the death of Constance Freeman’s husband. Alone at his desk, he would scribble notes on the edge of his blotter or in the margins of his newspaper. Nothing that would alert the suspicions of a local detective or raise the eyebrows of his own staff, but simply rows of words that acted as springboards to the vivid imagination of Morley Munson.

Morley Munson might start off with a phrase like ‘what about garroting?’ but the notations could be spread out in as many as three different places around the office with only Morley Munson aware of the mental trail that connected the dots.He had imagined killing the man (in no certain order) by shooting, bludgeoning, drowning, stabbing, hanging, burning
and even hit-and-run. He had ruled out poisoning as it might bring unwanted connections to his past deeds and even a local detective can see a clue when it’s handed to him on a platter.

Morley Munson privately felt that kidnapping was their greatest chance for success, not so much for any ransom that they might collect but as a way of throwing off the authorities. Constance Freeman, though, was not as keen as Morley Munsonon this particular method as it would require a great deal more from her than some of the other proposals already on the table and she confided to him that she was not very good with tears (real or otherwise).

Morley Munson wished that their victim would simply slip in the shower (since he never bathed, as reported by his wife) but this was too much to hope for. Morley Munson knew that murder was a very fickle mistress and that blood on his hands was the only way that this was ever going to
get done.

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