Morley Munson — Chapter 10

Mr-Morley-Munson,-Murderer-Chapter-10-The-WoodsMorley Munson lay with his face buried in the scarlet hair of Constance Freeman in a cabin in the woods. This was now the only place where the two of them could meet with any regularity as Morley Munson was sure that the less they were seen in public together the better off they were.

Morley Munson had begun to lose his nerve but each time he felt this way Constance Freeman would take him into her arms (and legs) and he would find the strength to go on with their plans. Morley Munson was
so intoxicated by his love for Constance Freeman, in fact, that he had now begun
to regularly pretend that he was losing confidence so that he might once again taste the forbidden fruits of his beloved. It had taken him five long years to get to this spot, after all.

Morley Munson had not been so thoughtless as to leave a paper trail of deceit; this cabin belonged to his family
and it stood empty during the off-season months. It had become the perfect place
for the lovers to retire (and plot their next move). Morley Munson continued to travel for the company and these activities allowed him to be rather clandestine with his own schedule as long as his work got done. He was the owner, after all, and really only answered to himself.

Morley Munson and Constance Freeman had decided that her husband would die from being hit by a passing car. A car driven by Morley Munson. It is a relatively fast (and painless) death as long as the aim is true and the impact is at a high enough speed. ‘Better this than most other methods,’ whispered Morley Munson into Constance Freeman’s breasts. It’s easy to rationalize when you’re in love.

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