Morley Munson – Chapter 47

Morley Munson did as he always did after a murderous endeavor—he went back to work (and acted as
if nothing had happened). He still had night panics and bad dreams and moments of dark fear but for the most part he continued to function like any other well-meaning member of society.

Morley Munson, did not, however, realize the extent to which the local detective had plotted and planned the demise of Mr. Morley Munson. He had followed him and he had pieced together the jagged trail of his crimes. Many of them would be hard to prove but the pile of (circumstantial) evidence was fairly high at this point. The local detective had also discovered the photograph of Morley Munson and Constance Freeman (that the young boy
had taken so long ago) in an amateur photo contest in a local paper. This, along with
all the other bits of info he had collected, pointed the fat finger of justice directly at Morley Munson’s head. All of it arrived in the mail at the district attorney’s office three days after the death of the local detective (just as he had planned it) and it clearly spelled out the misdeeds of Morley Munson. There was no escaping the truth.

Morley Munson was arrested on a spring day as he sat in his office—he saw the police arriving through his open door and he tried to make a dash for the stairs but he was apprehended by more officers who were blocking that exit as well. The end came quickly for Morley Munson—not the end of his life but the end of life as he had known it up until that moment. It was the end of his freedom as a normal citizen (if Morley Munson could ever have been considered ‘normal’).

Chapter 46 – The Killing.Chapter 48 – The Internment will be published 22 May