Morley Munson – Chapter 46

Morley Munson was fighting for
his life. The local detective was younger than he was and in
better shape as well. He was a trained (law enforcement) officer but Morley Munson was being driven by two things that perhaps the local detective could not have figured into the equation: passion and rage.

Morley Munson hated that this local detective had obviously (or at least obvious to him now) been toying with him for some time, knowing the truth about several (if not all) of the murders that he had committed and had put this ‘game’ into play. No doubt the local detective was as psychologically twisted as Morley Munson himself and had decided to engage him in this way rather than simply arrest him like any normal and decent policeman would have done.

Morley Munson grappled with the local detective, who kept smiling at him through bared teeth and laughing while they fought to the death near the cabin in the woods. Morley Munson seemed to be winning,
then the local detective and then the victory seemed to change hands yet again. The
local detective was trying desperately to get his hand on his gun but Morley Munson clawed at his weapon as well and the two men rolled over (and over) across the dirty ground. Morley Munson could feel the strength leaving his body — (in his mind) he imagined the local detective discharging his weapon and a bullet tearing into his face. Morley Munson could feel his flesh peeling back and his skull shattering from the impact.

Morley Munson didn’t know the rock was
in his hand until it made contact with the
side of the local detective’s head. He kept pounding and pounding (and pounding) until there was nothing left of the local detective’s face — his features were beaten into pulp and he was dead.

Chapter 45 – The Struggle.Chapter 47 – The Cover – Up will be published 15 May