Morley Munson – Chapter 30

.Morley Munson realized that his associate was just back from his travels since he was carrying his suitcase with him when he left the office.
It had been lunchtime when they met
and virtually no one had been in the
place (meaning their little chat had been witnessed by no one). If he was going to strike – and he knew that there would be 
no choice in the matter since blackmail
was on the stinking breath of his colleague – Morley Munson had to act now.

Morley Munson was certain that this man had stumbled onto the truth of the matter (or at least what he imagined to be the truth) and was ready to try and cash in on Morley Munson’s difficult situation. There were rumors that his colleague was a drinker and a gambler and that kind of person is always in need of money. To have to answer to a person like that, always one step from going to the local authorities with his alcohol-fueled ravings, was far too dangerous for Morley Munson to even contemplate.

Morley Munson hurried down the back stairs and ran to a nearby alley where his associate always parked when he visited the

office. Morley knocked on the window of
his Cadillac and smiled in at the man. His colleague rolled down the window and Morley Munson held up a hat and said,
“You forgot this.” The man stared at him and then glanced over at his own hat on the passenger seat. When he looked back at Morley Munson, a letter opener was forced into his eye socket and he convulsed once (or twice) and then died. Instantly.

Morley Munson made it look like a robbery had taken place and then scurried off to buy his own lunch (and create an alibi).
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