Morley Munson — Chapter 29

Morley Munson Chapter 29.Morley Munson had a reasonably good idea why his business associate was sitting in his office when he arrived at work that day. He was back from his international travels and wanted to give Morley Munson a full report on his adventures (or so he professed). As he spoke, though, there was a kind of gleam in his eye that was most disturbing. A smile on his lips when he asked, “Did that letter I sent for you ever make it to its destination?”

Morley Munson felt a shiver run down his twisted little spine. He knew in his heart that it had been a mistake asking this

colleague of his to perform that deed and now, with him sitting across the desk and smiing at him, Morley Munson felt sure that he was going to pay dearly for this decision. The man went on to talk about his flights and the food he’d eaten in various foreign locales and then, out of nowhere, he asked if there was any news about Mr. Freeman and his wife.

Morley Munson looked carefully across at his associate, the light catching the lenses of his glasses and making them flash like diamonds (or a straight razor) for a beat. Morley calmly said, “I have no idea. I do believe they’re on an extended vacation and may perhaps even be looking to move away for good.” The man in the opposite chair nodded for a moment, taking in all this information. “I wonder,” he said in return.

Morley Munson started to feel warm in his office and abruptly stood and opened a window. He turned to face the man and said, “And what is it you wonder?” The man smiled and said, “That’s all. I just wonder.” He got up and walked out without another word.

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