Morley Munson – Chapter 26

Morley Munson had waited patiently for the letter from abroad to appear at the door of Constance Freeman. In the meantime he had gone about his work, both at the office and on the road (as a salesman). He would occasionally observe the local detective wandering about town but the two men were very civil with each other and Morley Munson felt confident that he was safe from justice (for the moment).

Morley Munson pulverized several stray kittens with a brick (he had spotted a litter of them living in an empty lot across from a factory near his office) while he waited but finally the note arrived. The carcasses of
the kittens were carefully hidden away and Morley Munson was ready to turn the page and begin a new chapter in his sad (and sordid) life.

Morley Munson met Constance Freeman at the cabin in the woods after many days of purposefully staying away from each other. She had shown the letter to the (local) authorities and they had seemed satisfied by the discovery—several police officers hugged her and encouraged her to give
her husband a (second) chance now that
he had shown the courage to ask for her forgiveness.Morley Munson and Constance Freeman made love on the floor of the cabin like two animals, tearing hungrily at each other and exploding with passion (and fluids). The next morning Morley Munson packed Constance Freeman’s bags into his car, kissed her on the cheek and then chased her through the forest with a hammer–he was finally able to bring her down with several blows to the back of the skull. She was a strong woman (and fought to the end), but eventually she lost the battle.

Morley Munson drove to another state to bury her (battered) body.

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