Morley Munson — Chapter 25

Morley Munson Chapter 25Morley Munson and Constance Freeman had reconciled many times since the incident with the fork – they were locked together by love (and murder) and so they had little choice but to reconnect and plunge forward into the darkness of reality.

Morley Munson had put forth the idea that they should forge a letter from Constance Freeman’s husband saying something to the effect that he had ‘needed some time to myself but found that I can’t live without you and I want you to come join me on an island in the Caribbean’ (one of the many places that Constance Freeman had long wanted to visit). Morley Munson then begged Constance Freeman to pack a few bags and fly to an exotic locale and wait for him to join her after a period of time that was convincing to the local authorities.

Morley Munson was successful in making Constance Freeman see the clarity of this idea. He knew that the disappearance of Constance Freeman’s husband was a huge wrinkle in his own plans and this was a way to clear up one mystery and get rid of the key witness to another (the death of his own wife). Morley Munson promised to drive Constance Freeman to a nearby airport and the two of them made passionate love late into the night at the cabin in the woods.Morley Munson typed the letter himself on Constance Freeman’s husband’s personal stationary. He entrusted the envelope (after making a lengthy excuse) to one of his business associates who was making an overseas trip and asked him to post the letter when he reached his international destination. This was a risk but one that Morley Munson was willing to take –
killing two birds with a single stone is
usually worth the time (and effort).

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