Morley Munson – Chapter 39

Morley Munson sat in his office with the door closed (and locked). He has always felt that this was a safe place, a spot where he could go and toil and not feel the real (or imagined) pressures of his personal life. But no longer. His place of business was not safe if someone was now following his every move and was feeling bold enough to send letters to him both at home and to his work address as well.

Morley Munson stared down at this newest letter in his hands. Another unmarked envelope carrying a simple message for his eyes only: “Come out and play.” Morley Munson feared what this person knew (and what they might have already done). Was this the same person who had murdered the young pretty waitress from the diner? That was the question.

Morley Munson thought of taking these letters to the local detective and asking for his help but he didn’t even know where to begin with a cover story or how to explain the insinuations that each note carried with it. Morley Munson wanted to close down his business and sell his home and run far away but he did not. Some impulse inside of him wanted to track down this other maniac and face them down–to find out if they had indeed killed his (newfound) love and to exact a horrible and satisfying revenge from them.

Morley Munson had not killed someone for revenge in a long time but he knew how sweet that kind of death could be. The pleasures were many and the very thought of it made his manhood quiver. This other murderer—once Morley Munson found him or her—was not going to die quickly (or well). He promised himself that they would die slowly and in great agony.

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