Morley Munson – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: The Blossoming.
Morley Munson began to frequent the diner with the pretty waitress—in fact, most of his meals were eaten there from the moment he met her. There was no one at home waiting for him, work was the same old routine it had always been and his life felt empty and unfulfilled. He was a businessman (and a murderer) but outside of his small fortune he had nothing to make him happy (if a man like Morley Munson can ever feel actual happiness).

Morley Munson would, on occasion, bump into the local detective at this very same eatery and the man would watch him from his booth or a spot at the counter. More and more, Morley Munson tried to spend time chatting with the young waitress and even the presence of the authorities didn’t seem to alter his plans. Of course he was aware and on edge about these events, but he seemed willing to take his chances in this dance of death if it meant spending a little more time with this sweet, innocent, perfect flower of a girl named (quite aptly) ‘Rose.’

Morley Munson, much to his own surprise, was quite successful in his campaign to win the favors of the young girl. She smiled when he told jokes, always thanked him for his generous tips and spent many free moments of her shifts idly discussing the weather or the news (or any topic at all) that seemed of interest to Morley Munson.

Morley Munson’s business associate had died from a head injury in a back alley assault, which was dismissed (by a local detective) as a robbery attempt and life slowly went back to normal for Morley Munson, with the addition of this new girl in his life.

Morley Munson knew that he had to have her.

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