Chance Encounters

The LOEWE FOUNDATION presents work by artists Hilary Lloyd and Ewen Henderson at Art Basel Miami

Britain comes to Miami via a 18th-century Portuguese granary. Presenting its fifth exhibition from its Chance Encounters series, the private, cultural LOEWE FOUNDATION – established by fourth-generation member of LOEWE’s founding family Enrique Loewe – has selected two British artists to have an unexpected conversation in their Miami store during this years Art Basel.

For nearly three decades, London based and Turner nominated Hilary Lloyd has presented impressive site-specific textile, sound and video installations, and here, showcases a new series of films shot in and around her studio in Thamesmead. Fluorescent colours glowing on monitors are overlaid with her distinct, abstract visual language of film jump cuts, repeats and sweeps. The work aptly captures “the experience of increasing speed that characterises the way in which we consume images today” and standing among her work are Ewen Henderson’s wonderful, primal, geological ceramic sculptures.

After studying under Hans Coper and Lucie Rie at the Camberwell School of Art in 1968, Henderson formed part of the incredibly influential generation of potters in the 70s who illustrated the versatility of ceramics, including Gordon Baldwin, Gillian Lowndes and Ian Godfrey. The raw, totemic nature of the standing structures and stone slabs belie his interest in ancient and Neolithic art and act as engaging counterweights to Lloyd’s use of digital technology.

“Hilary Lloyd’s work is perfectly attuned to the contemporary moment and the way in which we engage with the visual world around us,” notes creative director of LOEWE, Jonathan Anderson. “It will stage a striking dialogue with Ewen Henderson’s bold, materially-rich work.”

Chance Encounters is presented at Art Basel Miami 2019

Chance Encounters: Loewe in Miami

The 170-year-old Spanish fashion house installs an 18th-century granary and an exhibition of British art at its US flagship store, to coincide with Art Basel Miami

Loewe’s creative director Jonathan Anderson has had a busy 2015. Not content with running his own brand, JW Anderson, for which he won both the womenswear and the menswear designer of the year at the British Fashion Awards, the English designer has now branched into curation, putting together a show that will run during Art Basel Miami.

The exhibition, entitled Chance Encounters, which opens on Wed 2 Dec 2015 at Loewe’s flagship store in Miami’s design district, is based around an 18th-century granary (or hórreo) imported from a small town on the Spanish-Portuguese border. The degraded, unadorned form of this monolithic structure centres an exhibition of four British artists. Contemporary works, by the painter Rose Wylie and installation artist Anthea Hamilton, are contrasted against an extensive collection of works by celebrated potter Lucie Rie and photographs by Paul Nash, one of the icons of early British 20th century art.

When curating Chance Encounters, Anderson wanted to create an environment that “brought history and craft into a modern context”. The show reflects the earthy tones and simple forms of Loewe’s latest collection, functioning as a “snapshot of a single moment, bringing together things that have recently lodged in my mind and shaped my thinking”, as Anderson says in the press release.

Chance Encounters runs until 17 January at Loewe, Miami Design District 110 NE 39th Street, Suite #102 Miami Florida 33137