Soundtrack: Matthew Murphy, OTHER Shop

The OTHER Shop co-founder talks about the lo-fi charm of his favourite record by French-duo Herman Dune
Music is an important part of the creative process of OTHER, with both iconic albums and new music inspiring us. When preparing for the launch of the online store and OTHER collection/1, we spent some very long days at the studio and there was always a period when we needed some inspirational music to lift the spirits. Herman Dune, a band that I have always loved, managed to bring a feeling of comfort and melancholic smiles to the rest of the team in the studio, particularly with their Strange Moosic album. Their lo-fi but upbeat and folk-esque songs have a charm and naivety to them that bring warmth and an urge to dance like a hippy.

Listen to: Herman Dune
Tell Me Something I don’t know
The duo are French but have an Americana sound to their music, as they have toured intensively through the US and recorded some albums in Portland, which I believe influences their music, resulting in a band that are difficult to define; it’s difficult to day what time and genre they fit into!

I first heard them on the John Peel show. He was a big supporter of their music and continuously played their records on his show, which led to them recording one of the influential PEEL SESSIONS, which they credit for breaking them to a wider audience. They created a cult following through their touring and live performances at small venues.
Having been fortunate to see them when they have played in London, their live sets are a real treat, they feel and look like a band that will continue to be relevant and influence each generation as long as they make music together.

Matt Murphy co-founded OTHER Shop with partner Kirk Beattie