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LCD was acceptable in the ’80s… and now again, thanks to Tissot

The PRX Digital is a flux capacitor for the wrist – not only taking you back to the future of the back of the classroom but embracing all that was exciting about quartz-powered liquid-crystal-display watches when they were tumbling out of cereal boxes as a sophisticated threat to traditional watchmaking.

The advent of this cheap horological high-tech from Japan wasn’t all bad for Switzerland’s grandmasters – at least in terms of provoking an explosion in design creativity. It was 1976 when Tissot started toying with LCD, in the form of a miniaturised Lancia Stratos drafted by Italy’s Bertone coachbuilder, in shiny black. Tissot’s DeLorean-esque design language from the time – revived recently, and brilliantly as a sub-collection dubbed PRX – commutes the usual analogue hands display to LCD digits effortlessly. This phoenix is powered by DGT-2040 electronics, still Swiss-made by Tissot stablemate ETA.

The arrival of a screen in place of hands not only chimed with Tron-obsessed schoolkids, it opened up a veritable Swiss- Army knife of functionality. Sure enough, within the PRX Digital’s otherwise luxury- spec gold-coated case you’ll find dual time zones, day-date calendar, chronograph timer, backlight… Plus, naturally, an alarm to annoy teacher.

Tissot PRX Digital is available now at £310 (black or silver) or £395 (gold-PVD coated) at tissot.com