High Campanology

Cartier’s highfalutin’ Privé collection rings in a renewed era of dandyism, at the dual hands of the revamped Cloche

Smooth Operators

They say you can always judge a man by his accessories, so even if you’ve forgotten that brown in town is now fair game, but mankles less so, a judiciously chosen slimline timepiece will make up for all sartorial ills

Office Hours

A placky quartz or ‘smart’ watch keeps better time, yes; but, perhaps that’s to miss the point. A well-made mechanical wristwatch not only keeps perfectly decent time for every one of our quotidian movements, it is one of the purest results of form following function – even when that form happens to be suspiciously beautiful

All Aboard

Rado’s new Captain Cook is at the helm of diving watches

Code Breakthrough

Audemars Piguet is rewriting its future, and preserving its past, with a blossoming taste for the avant-garde

Circling the Square

It’s time to feel the passion of Pasha once again – back from the ’80s, more rounded than ever, more Cartier than ever