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Whey Caramel Tart

Dan Cox shares a recipe from the newly opened Crocadon, his Green Michelin starred restaurant that doubles as an organic farm

Whey Caramel Tart

Where possible source all of your ingredients come from a source of good agriculture

Tart dough

350g Plain flour

110g Icing sugar

140g Butter

½ Beaten egg

50ml Cold water

  • Mix the flour and sugar together
  • Add the butter and mix till it resembles bread crumbs
  • Mix the egg and the water together
  • Add to the dry ingredients and knead gently into a ball
  • Chill in fridge
  • Roll out, cut into rounds and line the tart cases
  • Preheat the oven to 170oc
  • Blind bake for 15min
  • Remove the blind baking beans and continue to bake till golden brown 5min approximately
  • Take the cases out of the tins and egg wash with whole egg, bake for 1min further


Yogurt and Whey 

2 L Whole unhomogenised organic milk

1 tbsp of Live yoghurt

Bring milk to 85oC and then allow to cool to 38oC, add the spoon of yoghurt and whisk well, place in a pan inside a dehydrator (or use a yoghurt maker) and hold at 38oC for 8 hours. Allow to cool and then chill. Once chilled, place the yoghurt in double muslin cloth, in a colander over a bowl or pan to hang the yoghurt and catch the whey below. Leave in the fridge overnight. In the morning take the hung yoghurt, place in a bowl and whisk until smooth, adding whey back if necessary.


Whey caramel

1lt Yoghurt whey

200g Caster sugar

  • Combine whey and sugar
  • Reduce to an amber caramel
  • Pass and reserve


Whey caramel custard

1lt Double cream

270g Egg yolks

150g Sugar

284g Whey Caramel

14g Salt

  • Bring cream to boil
  • Mix yolks and sugar
  • Pour cream over egg and sugar mix
  • Whisk in whey caramel and pass through a chinois
  • Pour custard into the tart cases and bake in the oven at 95oC until just set with a good wobble. Allow to cool and refrigerate

When set, cut into desired portions and dress each slice with some of the yoghurt and drizzle over some of the whey caramel. We add caramelised apple puree, fresh apple slices soaked in a sorrel and marigold syrup and finish with little leaves of sorrel.