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Marmalade Martini

Will Weir, GM and drinks enthusiast at the newly opened Lulu’s in Herne Hill, shares a playful twist on an old favourite

Marmalade martini and gilda, photography Matt Russell

I wanted to make a fun drink that complemented Lulu’s role as an all-day friendly neighbourhood spot – something accessible and familiar but with a playful twist. It’s the perfect way to kick off dinner, sitting at the candlelit bar in the window with a gilda in hand, or to round things off at the end of the evening with a Lulu’s chocolate pot for dessert. It also goes well with a side of gossip.


– 50ml East London gin 

– 1 tea spoon blood orange marmalade

– a dash of orange liqueur


Fill a coupe with ice and put to one side. To assemble this drink put all three ingredients in a mixing vessel, stir for 20 seconds, and strain twice. When the martini is mixed, tip out the ice from the coupe and fill it to the top with the martini liquid. Garnish with a strip of candied orange or fresh orange peel.