Benicio Del Toro, Tortoise Lover

An out-take from issue 17, featuring cover star Benicio Del Toro


“No one smokes a cigar like him. and no one wears a trucker cap like him… He really takes ownership for who he is and is not apologetic about it. For such a nice, quiet, shy and… kind person, he’s blessed with a face that is inclined toward mysterious bad guys or bad boys.” explains actress Emily Blunt to Port regarding her friend, Benicio Del Toro.

Known for his dark intensity, few actors bridge complex creative integrity and superstar box office appeal like Del Toro. Plaving an array of characters, from revolutionaries to werewolves and drug lords. his breakthrough performance came with the neo-noir thriller The Usual Suspects, playing a mumbling, doomed professional thief.

Yet we find there is a gentler side to the man, especially when we hear him talk about building a house for his pet tortoises (more on this later), and perhaps nurtured by his recent foray into fatherhood. “What I find really strange is that the people I love, they’ve been with me for a long time. Then suddenly this creature comes in,” he says, “and one week in this world and she’s number one.”

Bad guy indeed…