Walking on Water: The Shoe

Scott Steinberg hails a design classic – the Boat Shoe

Boat Shoes, varying colours

Joseph Sperry originally designed the Boat Shoe in 1935 after watching his dog effortlessly scale the slippery surfaces on his boat. He replicated the grooves from his dog’s foot on the sole of this new shoe, which he called the Top-Sider. It joins other Preppy items – polo shirts, penny loafers, school-crest blazers – that, through the lens of nostalgia, popular culture and good design, have found a new life in the world of style. Band of Outsiders started collaborating with Sperry five years ago, using the iconic shoe as a playful canvas on which to throw ideas.

Photography Thomas Brown

Scott is a designer and the founder of Band of Outsiders. Walking on Water appears in Port issue 5