The Cutting Floor: Hermès x Petit h

Kuchar Swara investigates how luxury objects are made from off-casts

What does one do with the leftover ingredients that go into the making of an exquisite Hermès wallet or scarf? Back in 2010, Hermès created a collection of objects under the house label called Petit h to find out. Pascale Mussard, the great-great-great-granddaughter of Hermès founder Thierry Hermès, launched Petit h to produce a range of pieces made entirely from off-cuts and discarded materials from the various Hermès ateliers around France. The range of materials Mussard gathered included the finest textiles, glassware, leather and pretty much anything else the house of Hermès was using – or not using as the case may be!

Fast-forward three years and the Petit h line is finally in London’s Hermès store on Bond Street, where Port was invited to see how the label has progressed.The line of limited edition pieces range from handbags and tea cosies to clocks, all produced – as you would expect – to the highest standard. One of the items on display is a large 5kg (11lbs) greyhound made entirely of unwanted calfskin, four different sorts to be precise. What a shame it would have been to discard all that fine skin…

Aside from producing a highly collectable range of goods, Petit h is a demonstration of Hermès’ respect for quality raw materials. It’s a salute to the artisans and their dedication to the production of fine goods, and a nod to the company’s awareness of corporate responsibility, even in luxury fashion. A visit is highly recommended – if only for the gift ideas alone…


Petit h will be displayed at Hermès’ Bond Street store until 7 December