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GANT Rugger & The Passionates

As the Swedish brand and photographer Morgan O’Donovan exclusively launch a portrait series with inspiring, experimental and creative characters, head designer Filippa Hallstensson explains the theme

“The inspiration for ‘The Passionates’ has been taken from the themes of the GANT Rugger AW13 campaign. The series of portraits encapsulate the celebration of men who are established within their own professions and are simply passionate about what they do. Thy were shot in Soho, on location at favourite haunts or at their places of work. There is a 24 hour theme running through the portraits, which epitomises the spirit of living and working in Soho.

The six portraits consist of the following inspiring characters; Nicolas Roope, co-founder of the interactive consultancy Poke, Joe Mills, the famous Soho barber and founder of Joe and Co, Ashley Jagdeo, the owner of the Soho tattoo business The Circle London, Matthew Holroyd, the Creative Director of Baron Magazine, Tony Conigiliaro, a mixologist and bartender who uses modern processes in cocktails, and finally and Edward Godden and Joseph Lewis, founders of the pop-up drinks project The Travelling Gin Company. These characters are all relevant to GANT Rugger as they are all individuals, experimental, creative and passionate about what they do.

For example, Joe Mills work as a session hair stylist and barber is really inspiring, he is really established and worked with some really incredible people. Ashley Jagdeo is another interesting ‘passionate’, he comes from a public relations background and has always lived in London. He is constantly on the look out for new trends and you can see this influence in his business. Nicholas Roope is also an interesting character and very inventive with his ideas, he released the award-winning Plumen light bulb!”

Morgan O’Donovan
Styling & Casting Rose Forde

See the expo at GANT Rugger’s London store: 47 Beak St, London W1F 9DB. More info on GANT Rugger HERE GANT-homepage,-photography-Morgan-O'Donovan

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