Exclusive: Barbour Originals Film

We premiere a film from the British heritage brand, looking at how three classic waxed jackets are made in their South Shields factory

.There’s the Bedale, the Beaufort and the Beadnell and together they are Barbour. My favourite was always the Bedale, it just fitted me the best. Find your fit and stick to it, but don’t be afraid to try new styles. Basically, give them all a go! Designed half a life time ago by Dame Margaret Barbour, these waxed coats will last a whole life time, that’s the premise for Barbour, the company. But today, in 2014, not everyone wants their garments to last that long, we’re drunk on throwaway fashion, but at least these pieces offer you the option. Better that than the other way around. This exclusive insight into the South Shields operation will give you a better idea of the Barbour apparatus, and how these classic pieces are made. Check it out and then go and find your preferred style, if you haven’t already…