E. Tautz AW14 Manifesto

Savile Row tailor Patrick Grant explains his latest LC:M collection

I speak a lot about London being the home of menswear but what does that really mean?

This autumn I have been involved in a beautiful exhibition at the British Library on the Georgians, a lot of which covers the emergence of men’s fashion. This was a time when the men of London began to set the agenda for menswear the world over. From King Charles II and onwards, we have continually set our men in clothes of great luxury and daring.

It’s from this era that we’ve taken our starting point; shapes, textiles, embellishments.

I’ve also long been interested in the idea of one’s clothes telling the story of one’s life. The story of our collection echoes that of William Hogarth’s epic A Rakes Progress, one man’s story of his evolution from austere youth, to bawdy ribaldrous gentleman, to his eventual descent into madness in the infamous Bedlam mental hospital.

Photography Jamie StokerETautz-AW14