Dutiful Detail

TOD’S Greca Belt, seen up close

Shoes are famously fiddly objects, and TOD’S have spent more than a hundred years refining their leathercraft in Italy, the lifelong home of the company. In that time, those shoes, and that reputation, have travelled worldwide.

As they’ve grown, their reverence for Italian craft has been writ both large and small, and sits in the details. One of those details is the Tod’s Greca Belt: a canvas belt that clasps together with a leather snap buckle.

That’s where the knowledge comes in – leather working as a buckle like that means it’s subject to more wear, so the thick leather at each end of the Greca is made from is treated and cut with that in mind, and carefully joined to the canvas on each side.

It’s minimal in terms of external branding – leaving the craft room to speak for itself.