An Inspiration: Sunnei

PORT speaks to the creative duo behind Italian label Sunnei to learn about the inspiration behind their SS17 collection

Duomo di Milano, courtesy of Sunnei

“Lately we have been extremely inspired by tourism in Italy. Living in Milan, we are constantly subjected to hordes of tourists flooding the streets of the city centre in order to take pictures of the amazing architecture and decorative elements that sit around the main square. We often take a walk in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, which is the Main Street of Milan, where all the high street shops can be found, because we are obsessed by the crazy amount of different nationality people flagging their selfie stick frantically in the air in order to capture the moment in front of the Duomo.”

“It’s a really funny and weird scene. It’s like a really amazing photoshoot is going on at all hours. There are even some guys offering to take your picture and print it on the spot. That’s next level in our eyes. Nobody cares about their surroundings during the time their picture is being taken, and that is just magical to us.”