Port Issue 13: Out Now!

Port’s editor-in-chief Dan Crowe dissects our spring issue…

That George Clooney and Christopher Walken were both happy to go on record regarding Sam Rockwell says a lot about him… a man who feels he is only “just starting to look like a grown-ass man, rather than a boy-man.”

Rockwell, a handsome and slight actor known for his unexpected and intricate performances, was a sure choice for our spring cover story. I mean, this man has style; this guy is cool. That illusive latter quality can’t be manufactured or forced. (When it is, guys… we can tell.) You have cool, or you don’t. And he has a lot of it.

“I’ve never had kids, but if I had a son I wouldn’t mind him being Sam” – Christopher Walken

But wait, there’s more: this man can dance. I urge you to investigate my claim online, it’s addictive. That said; he does seem to dance in every film he makes (though his performance in the sci-fi thriller Moon, for which he is perhaps best known, might not be the greatest example of his technique). As Sam himself says, “I’m a big ham. Me and Chris Walken, we’re big hams. We love to dance.”

Elsewhere in the magazine we feature our first annual Architecture & Design survey. We approached the industries directly to ask: who leads innovation? We think it’s the first time a survey like this has been commissioned. The results are fascinating.Also, author Will Self returned to Chernobyl 28 years after the disaster, prompted by his ‘abiding interest in man’s inhumanity to his own environment’; travel writer Richard Grant writes compellingly about how life can pass us by unless we grab it (with a bottle of scotch in hand); Ray Winstone shares with us his list of likes and dislikes (like: Speedos; dislike: Tony Blair), and we get to look around Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s family homestead: a rare glimpse inside a bewitching building that’s barely changed over the course of a century. Finally, we’re running a new fashion section: Spring Summer 2014 Collections, styled by Port’s David St John-James on location in the South of France.We’ve changed the format a little also, bringing the cover story forward, adding more page furniture, doing some very large type openers (can they get any bigger?) and a few other bits and pieces: let me know what you think.

A blossoming issue for spring!

We hope you enjoy it,

Dan Crowe

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