Super Normal

Designer Jasper Morrison CBE charts his journey from the fringes of the art world and self-assembly manufacturing to mainstream mass production

Memoires di Panna Montata

With award-winning work spanning computers, furniture, patterns, and ceramics, designer George Sowden reflects on creative complications and the importance of retaining human fallibility

Industrial Design and Magic

From light-based quantum computers to everyday frying pans, Pentagram partner Jon Marshall illustrates the continued relevance, and joy, of great design

Material Boy: Philippe Malouin

The British-Canadian designer invites creative limitations to conjure his soulful works into being

Martino Gamper

What makes a furniture designer? Martino Gamper has been a chef, a carpenter, a hitch-hiker. From the mass-produced to the individual crafted object, Deyan Sudjic profiles the multifaceted creator