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Dan Budnik’s Decisive Moment: Martin Luther King Jr

We talk to the photographer about documenting King’s most famous speech, and the long march from Selma to Montgomery which turned the tide in the movement for civil equality for African Americans

In 1963, photographer Dan Budnik sat behind Martin Luther King Jr. as he delivered his most famous speech. 50 years later, he sat down with PORT’s Barney Rowntree to discuss the stories behind his images documenting the American Civil Rights struggle, including the pivotal Selma to Montgomery march of 1965, which will be included in his Kickstarter book project Marching To The Freedom Dream, to be published by Trolley.

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Audio produced & edited
Barney Rowntree


Artist: Mahalia Jackson
Title: ‘Trouble of the World’
Label: Couch and Mason Partners
Artist: J.B. Lenoir
Title: ‘Alabama March Blues’
Label: L+R Records
Artist: J.B. Lenoir
Title: ‘Alabama March’
Label: L+R Records