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The Butcher’s Hanging Room: Hill & Szrok

Port takes a trip to Hill & Szrok, a butcher-shop-cum-restaurant based in East London’s Broadway Market
The Butcher’s Hanging Room: Hill & Szrok
In the foreground on the right is a pig and in the foreground on the left are three whole lambs. Just set near the pig is a ‘roasting’. This consists of the fore rib, which is the first five bones from the bottom (rib-eye steaks and côte de bœuf), the wing rib (sirloin steaks), the sirloin (sirloin, T-bone and fillet steaks) and finally the rump. In the background, directly in the middle, there is a forequarter of beef. The main cuts you get from this are the fore rib, chuck, brisket, chuck tender, feather blade, leg of mutton cut, shin, short ribs and clod.

To the left of the forequarter in the background there are some more hanging roastings. To the right of the forequarter you have two hindquarters of beef. The main cuts you get from the hindquarter are: leg of beef, silverside, topside, top rump, rump, fillet and sirloin. Marrowbone comes from both the forequarter and hindquarter.

Hill & Szrok, 60 Broadway Market, London.