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Smoked Tamworth Spare Ribs, Foxlow

The newest member of the Hawskmoor family shares the secret of its spare rib successSmoked Tamworth Spare Ribs, Foxlow

Foxlow is the most recent addition to the Hawksmoor family, which already stands four strong. The founders Will Beckett and Huw Gott have created another haven for meat lovers, this time in Clerkenwell.

If you have a penchant for piles of pork and a passion for ribs, Foxlow’s meaty offerings will more than make do. Think part smoky American pork fest, part French bistro with a cool, crisp interior (in classic Hawksmoor style), and you’ve got Foxlow.

The restaurant has given Port the secret to their infamous Smoked Tamworth Spare Ribs.

The Ribs:
1 Side Spare Ribs
20ml Olive Oil
50g Dry Rub

The Sauce:
100 ml Smoked BBQ sauce of choice
75ml Sweet chilli sauce of choice

The Dry Rub:
250g Smoked Maldon Salt
250g Light Muscovado Sugar
30g Fennel Seeds Toasted
30g Black Peppercorns Toasted
25g Hot Smoked Paprika
25g Garlic

1. To prepare the dry rub, blend the ingredients and spread out on a tray to dry, then blend again
2. Rub the ribs in olive oil and liberally dust with the rub
3. Cook the ribs in the smoker for 4.5 hours at 105°F (40.5 °C) with 4 hours on the smoke setting
4. Once cooking chill and cut into portions
5. Place each portion on a chargrill, BBQ or griddle pan to bar mark
6. Brush with a little sauce and caramelise each side under the grill
7. Serve when piping hot with sauce on the side