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April 16, 2014
In Conversation: Miles Johnson and Levi’s Vintage

The design director and David Hellqvist discuss what makes a garment ‘vintage’, how much of LVC is based on replicas and why we assume people didn’t wear loud colours in the 1930s

April 8, 2014
Exclusive: Barbour Originals Film

We premiere a film from the British heritage brand, looking at how three classic waxed jackets are made in their South Shields factory

April 1, 2014
At Work: Proportion>London Mannequins

As photographer Jasper Fry documents the factory floor, David Hellqvist talks to Creative Director Tanya Reynolds about mannequin sizing, preferred materials and the design process

March 18, 2014
Spotlight: PEdALED’s Technical Cycling Wardrobe
Spotlight: PEdALED’s Technical Cycling Wardrobe

As Hideto Suzuki’s cycling brand open up a pop-up store in London, brand manager Luca Bertoncello talks David Hellqvist through a few key garments

March 14, 2014
At Work: Merz B. Schwanen
Merz B Schwanen

Elliot Watson delves into the heritage of the German company, whose ethos – and garments – have remained the same for over a century

March 12, 2014
Les Bagages Moynat
Moynat advertising

As the French luxury luggage brand opens up a Mount Street shop in London, we look back at its classic advertising

March 11, 2014
Spiewak and the House of the Golden Fleece
Spiewak Golden Fleece Woodland MA-1/Melton Pea Coat

As the classic American outerwear brand relaunches, David Hellqvist looks at the role Spiewak played in 20th century history, and what impact that has on today’s consumers

March 10, 2014
Raf Simons x Kvadrat x Glenn Sestig
Kvadrat x Glenn Sestig front view

The Belgian architect talks about collaborating with Raf Simons on his capsule collection with the Danish textile manufacturer

February 19, 2014
Crescent Trading: London’s Last Cloth Merchant

Veterans of the cloth industry, Philip Pittack and Martin White are cutting fabric for a new generation of fashion students, drawing on more than 120 collective years of experience