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A Thousand Words: Grant Cornett

The photographer talks us through an image that overcomes some of the greatest challenges facing him – dull subject matter

Photograph Grant Cornett, Hello Artists

This image is a recent one; it represents the accomplishment of a challenge – making a shot of a pool at a luxury hotel in Miami, (on a rainy day during the low season with no one around it) look interesting. A common problem in this business is being asked to create something interesting out of nothing, or worse still, out of a crappy something. But that’s fine I reckon; there lies a great deal of control in it to create, to ponder what doesn’t exist, to find a solution and see if it all works.

I wouldn’t say that this image is my favourite out of my whole body of work – that’s impossibile, choosing just one image from so many experiences. But… this photograph represents so much more than you’d think.