Notes from Lockdown: Michael Bodiam

In a content series curated by Rose Forde, contributors from issue 26 reflect on the new normal. Here, photographer Michael Bodiam dreams of the mundane

Set adrift on memory bliss.

Not long after isolating at home with my partner and two young children I started to have visions of places I could no longer go.

In the face of not being able to go anywhere, the escapism offered by an imaginary visit to an idyllic place, far away from the here and now, would seem like an obvious distraction.

My visions however, have been neither idyllic, nor far away. So far, they have only taken me to a handful of streets along the many bike journeys I have taken in London. The locations stir no memories or feelings for me. Rosebery Avenue, Tooley Street, Seven Sisters Road.

I’ve given the matter much thought and I can only conclude that my brain is reaching out for a truly unremarkable place and time as the ultimate form of escape. Monotony is what we hate the most, but how nice would it be right now to be riding down Shaftesbury Avenue, lost in a mundane moment, thinking about and feeling nothing?