Looking to make a statement with a timekeeper that turns heads? From a status-flaunting Rolex to a vintage Breitling, there are plenty of ways in which your watch can show both the horological and wider world you mean business, not least with it’s price tag. But such splendour rarely goes unnoticed, meaning you’re unlikely to make it from breakfast meeting to late night-bar without at least eliciting a tut or even some unsolicited interest from those who may wish to relieve you of your possessions on the sly. If vintage design is more your suit, or there’s a practical requirement at play, you may be better placed spending your money on something more tailored to your needs.

In short, there simply is no one size fits all when it comes to men’s timepieces - meaning a collection suited to all manner of occasions is a must. From lavish luxury names to affordable options that could still impress on closer inspection, every modern man needs a suitably diverse selection to reflect his ever-changing routine. From preowned treasures to clever tech, Port dissects the wrist wear essentials.