The relationship between designer and artist is one of great cultural significance. In 1965, Yves Saint Laurent bought the works of modernist painter Piet Mondrian to the masses with a collection of geometric dresses. Ironically, many of these dresses themselves are now housed in art galleries.

Laurent was later befriended Andy Warhol, resulting in a series of portraits of the former and a pop-art womenswear collection inspired by the latter. Warhol himself has gone on to inspire swathes of designers, from Jeremy Scott to menswear's most artistically minded creative, Raf Simons.

The Belgian-born designer is renowned for his collaborative nature, among other things. Most notable is his ongoing work with American artist Sterling Ruby. The pair have come together on several occasions, with Ruby's work appearing on evening gowns at Dior and in the stores of Calvin Klein. Simons even renamed his namesake label for its AW14 show, which became a brief joint venture with Ruby.

It's arguably these types of collaboration which create the biggest impact in the cultural conscience. Where art and fashion can, separately, feel somewhat elitist, there's something almost democratic about placing an exalted artwork on an everyday item.

To that end, here we choose three of the best artist-designer collaboration T-shirts available now.