Between securing the venue, arranging an unexpected volume of gluten-free-vegetarian menus, and remembering to book transport for everyone at the end of the night, some couples are simply so happy that everything went off without a hitch that your presence alone (along with some gushing compliments on the day) is enough of a gift. Great news for those who agree, and bad news for those who would be horrified to turn up to an event empty handed.

But without a carefully curated gift registry to use as a guide, where does that leave you? Hopelessly lost in a search for faux-thoughtful personalised presents on Etsy in a bid to be different, probably. And whilst we understand why you might want to forgo the traditional route of towels and linen, there may be a good reason why they’re so oft requested.

Ultimately, wedding gifts are a unique way to show and share your happiness with a couple on their special day, and are largely a thank you for inviting you along. But it is also worth taking a moment to think about what a pair, momentarily lost in the throws of post-ceremony passion, might genuinely need and find useful upon their return to reality.

To help in your quest for a wedding gift that feels fresh, thoughtful and useful all at the same time, we have curated a selection of the chicest homeware from Amara. For cool couples, we’ve highlighted some unexpected and memorable choices that’ll stand the test of time and stand out from the rest.