Much like the man who dons them daily, work shoes are by their very definition some of the hardest working in their field. Once laced, strapped or slipped on for the day, they’ll be your close companion from early morning latte to last thing at night, travelling from commute through to client drinks and back again. With the level of horological commitment expected from this particular partnership, it’s only sensible to consider your choice of footwear carefully.

Assessing their ability to go the distance is naturally our first port of call when interviewing for a new workwear recruit. The necessary skills for the task in hand – durability, versatility and the aptitude to fit seamlessly with the wider wardrobe team – closely follow. Is the prospective pair in question crafted from a quality material, in a suitable colour and style to wear with the rest of your office attire? Finally, and for some most importantly, do you have the budget to make a worthwhile hire? Failure to meet the criteria from the offset means that your new shoe will be unlikely to make it past their probation period, and you’ll be left out of pocket at the end of the quarter.

To that end, we have turned our attention to esteemed footwear retailer Kurt Geiger whose new season men’s work footwear more than steps up to the mark in terms of design, material and, most crucially, price. Featuring names such as Grenson and Paul Smith alongside it's own name brand, it couldn’t come at a better time as we anticipate the better weather ahead and look to put our best foot forward for spring. From timeless dress shoes made with the traditional office environment in mind to slip-on loafers reinvented in invigorating shades for spring, we have compiled a list of smart footwear fail-safes to help any man make an informed choice for the season ahead.