If you are looking for an iconic musician to guide your wardrobe to a timeless rock look, you could do a lot worse than Tom Waits – singer, songwriter, actor and, as of 2011, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. The celebrated troubadour – who counts Johnny Depp, as well as the late Joe Strummer among his fans – has used his time at the top to nail an effortless but inimitable dress sense. In equal parts beat poet and jazz musician, doused in influences from vaudeville through to gospel: think of counterculture, think of a whiskey-soaked bar at 2am, and Waits will spring to mind. His signature trilby and understated combination of leathers, denim and smart pieces-worn-casual define the mentality of an outsider who has gone their own way and made it work. Even when subtly blended with couture pieces, Tom Waits has a style synonymous with life on the fringe.