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Top 10: The Best Jumpers To Buy From Jigsaw's New Season Collection

From cashmere crew necks to trending polos and graphic knits, we’ve rounded up the best Jigsaw jumpers to invest in now 

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In an ideal world, jumpers would be an item only worn in winter. But this is the real world, and instead of there being just a few meticulous months designated to the colder climate, we have a situation where winter really lasts a good half of the year. Despite our sunny sartorial optimism as we yearn for pastels,  elbow-tickling sleeves and the promise of an early spring, we have to face facts: it’s cold out there. Low temperatures call for warm layers – and there’s nothing quite like a good knit to keep you on the right side of the weather. Cosy, snug and practical, knitwear is an undeniable winter tour de force. Unlike hefty coats which can often feel like a compulsory outfit add-on and a total admission of defeat, a great jumper feels bright and cheery, and can more often than not act as the foundation for an easy statement look.

This season has really seen the jumper take centre stage in many of the year’s trending style combinations. Think chunky knits with slinky satin midi skirts, and skinny roll necks worn under boilersuits and midi dresses for the girls; colour-soaked crew neck jumpers tucked into stiff blue denim, and slick merino knit roll necks and tailoring for the boys. If you’re looking to invest in your knitwear game, you could do worse than heading to premium high street retailer Jigsaw whose newest knitwear offering is out-cosying the competition. Whether providing an extra smack of warmth, a boost of colour or a simple stylistic flair, we can’t get enough of Jigsaw’s new season collection, featuring everything from vibrant tones and graphic prints to fine-gauge wool and butter soft cashmere. In addition to their combination of trending and timeless styles, Jigsaw have an eye for quality and pride themselves on sourcing sustainable fabrics that are intended to stand the test of time making them an excellent addition to your everyday arsenal.

Rather than showcasing every single one of the covetable Jigsaw men’s and women’s jumpers, we’ve managed to curate their new collection down to the 10 key pieces on our wish list right now.