Moving into the warmer months, you might have already started wearing your jackets unbuttoned. You might be teasing the idea of shorts. Dare I say, a sandal may have just entered the chat. This is spring - proper spring - and it finally marks the moment that we can bid adieu to fleece linings and bulky padding in favour of pieces that feel light, breezy and seriously easy. This is the time of year when it truly starts to feel like a pleasure to get dressed in the mornings (providing you have the right attire). Your skin is open to the possibility of a freckle or two, and you’re genuinely thinking about whether your daily scent feels a bit too heavy on the leather for this point in the year. If it does, you’ll be in the market for something fresh and zesty to go with the blazers, bomber jackets, linen shirts and all the other things you should rightly be wearing right now. And, as always, that’s where I come in.

Back with the latest instalment of must-have items to align with this very moment in time, I’ve pulled together some of the best buys across the menswear spectrum alongside a few choice grooming and lifestyle nice-to-haves to make the month of May go by with ease. Discover them below.